Venture Crew 27 - Fox Island, WA

Crew 27 Celebrates First Award Recipients

Spencer Godfrey Makes Eagle!

Spencer Godfrey, Venturing Crew 27's third Eagle Scout passed his board of review on August 13, 2012.  He is the third Scout in Crew 27 to earn the Centennial Eagle Scout badge, marking the 100th anniversary of the Eagle Scout Award.


Crew Member Mark Case recently became the first member of Crew 27 to earn a Venturing Award, including the Venturing Bronze, Gold, Silver, Ranger, Quest, and Trust medals.
Mark is also an Eagle Scout.
Evan Iverson became the
first Eagle Scout of Crew 27
, when he passed his Eagle Board of Review on
February 12, 2012.
Evan will receive the Centennial Edition of the Eagle Scout badge.

RickJohn Dodge passed his Eagle Scout
board of review on March 13, 2012, becoming the
second Eagle Scout from Crew 27.


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