Troop 727

Scouts BSA Class A Uniform Shirt, showing proper insignia placement.

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What To Buy?

Your daughter will need the following items to have a 'Class A' uniform:

  1. Khaki Class A uniform shirt (short or long sleeve)
  2. Council Shoulder Patch
  3. World Crest emblem
  4. Troop numerals (727)
  5. Neckerchief slide (the troop provides her neckerchief)
  6. Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls

Optional Items to complete the Class A uniform:

  • Uniform pants
  • Scout Belt
  • Scout Hat

Where to Buy?

Tacoma Scout Shop, located just off Highway 16 at South 19th St.
4802 S. 19th St
Tacoma, WA 98405
(253) 682-2215

Directions to the Scout Shop


Pacific Harbors Council Patch (required)

World Scouting Crest (required)


Troop 727 Numerals & Shoulder Loops (required)
Troop 727 Troop 727 Troop 727

Troop 727

Class A Uniform Shirt, short or long sleeve (required)
Troop 727


Switchbacks™ or Official Roll-Up Uniform Pants (Optional)


Scout Hat (optional)
Troop 727


Scout Neckerchief Slide (required)

Scout Belt (optional)
Troop 727

Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls (ring bound)


Troop 727 Neckerchief (provided by the Troop)

The girls will receive their Troop neckerchief upon completion of the Scout Badge requirements.